Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS changes its name to Edelaraudtee AS

From March 19, 2020, the infrastructure company Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS changed its name to Edelaraudtee AS and adopted a new visual identity.

According to the member of the management board, Rain Kaarjas, the purpose of the changes was mainly of a practical nature. “ Renewal of the name allows us to present a commercial name more briefly, in writing and orally, in a more familiar way for people. We often come across cases when an enterprise is called Edelaraudtee. Bringing the name into a shorter form was a natural course of events. ”

Along with the change in business name, the visual identity is updated. “The Edelaraudtee logo has undergone a number of updates, and we want to reflect the update of the entire infrastructure with this. This year, we plan several important modernization projects, including the automation of traffic control systems at stations, which will make the service even more reliable and significantly increase the safety of railway traffic, and in April overhaul of the Türi-Lelle railway section will begin, which allows to increase the speed of trains. “

Edelaraudtee will be used as a trademark of infrastructure company. When developing a new logo, the difference from other enterprises operating in the same field, both in terms of color and appearance, was taken into account. At the same time, the image of the name Edelaraudtee retains the characteristic letter E, which has been used so far, but has been transferred to the new image model.

20. March 202020. March 2020

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